What is Anka?

All about Veertu's Anka Software

Getting Started

A guide for getting started using Anka Virtualization software

Anka Virtualization

All about the Anka Virtualization package

Anka Build Cloud

Using the Anka Build Cloud to orchestrate Anka macOS VMs and VM Template/Tag storage

CI/CD Plugins and Integrations

Anka Build Plugins and Integrations for CI/CD software

Anka Develop

A limited but free version of our Anka Virtualization software available for developers using laptops

Anka Flow

Anka Flow enables the developers to create and work inside Anka macOS VMs on their local machines

Anka Secure

Anka Secure solution is built on top of Anka macOS virtualization engine with features to create secure VMs and manage and distribute to the users.

Release Notes

Detailed Release Notes

What's New

Description of new Anka software features


Detailed information on Anka Licensing

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